Breaking: GBP/USD breaks above 1.39 for first since April 2018

GBP/USD rose to new multi-year highs soon before press time, broadening earlier week's 0.865 increases.

The pair rose to 1.3901, the most significant level since April 2018.

The pair's 14-day Relative Strength Record has broken higher from a 2.5-month contracting triangle, demonstrating a continuation of the meeting from September lows underneath 1.27.

The 50-, 100-, and 200-hour Basic Moving Midpoints are moving north and found one over the other for the bulls. Finally, the day by day outline shows a bullish higher lows, higher highs design.

Accordingly, a supported move above 1.39 looks likely. That would uncover the mental obstacle of 1.40. On the drawback, the hourly diagram's higher low of 1.3845 is a key help.

Trend: Bullish

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